L'arrêt Sankara, nouveau phare en Afrique

Burkina Faso v1

« L'affaire de Sankara » au Burkina Faso est enfin terminée, après 25 ans de procès et 35 ans après que les crimes ont été commis. Le jugement est décrit comme un point de repère pour la jurisprudence africaine et un signal d'alarme pour les dirigeants politiques errants du continent. Un tribunal militaire de Ouagadougou, au Burkina Faso, a ordonné à l'ancien président Blaise […]

Exploiter la puissance des énergies renouvelables en Afrique

Énergie renouvelable 1

A case of do or die for Africa to reduce its reliance on fossil fuel for generating electricity Africa is estimated to contribute less than 4% to the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. But global warming will have the most devastating effect on Africa and the livlihoods of its people if the world fails to […]

The future lies along a railway line

Ghana News

In a world dreaming of smart cities, driverless cars, and other digitally-connected concepts, it’s a little surprising to hear a president declare that it’s likely to be good old-fashioned trains that will carry his country to a better place. “The railways are coming in a big way into Ghana, and we shall open up our […]

ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority launches in The Gambia

Law Update 3

The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (“ECOWAS“) officially launched its Regional Competition Authority today in Banjul, The Gambia. The ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority (“ERCA“) is established to implement the Regional Competition Rules adopted by the ECOWAS Authority in 2008. These Rules essentially promote, maintain and encourage competition while enhancing economic efficiency […]