Digital currencies and services gaining momentum across the continent

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A McKinsey report earlier this month highlights that although cash is still king in Africa its supremacy is likely to be increasingly challenged as e-payments gain momentum. With innovation escalating there is a shift in the way people pay for goods and services with electronic payments rapidly displacing cash and cryptocurrency and digital currencies emerging […]

Les pratiques de règlement des différends progressent à travers le continent

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Dispute resolution practices vary in many respects from one African country to another, although some significant similarities are apparent. The latter includes a predominance of preference for litigation in handling disputes, for various reasons, although arbitration is gaining increasing acceptance, while mediation is lagging behind. This was highlighted in the responses LEX Africa received from […]

Activité M&A en hausse en Afrique en 2022

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Selon le récent rapport Dealmakers Africa, au cours du premier trimestre 2022, la valeur totale des transactions en Afrique - hors Afrique du Sud - était de $9,7 milliards - soit près du triple par rapport à celle du premier trimestre 2021 - sur 196 transactions. L'Afrique du Nord et de l'Ouest étaient les deux régions avec la plus grande activité de transactions, […]

Développements des infrastructures en Afrique

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Infrastructure development is a key driver for progress across the African continent and a critical enabler for productivity and sustainable economic growth. According to the African Development Bank, investment in infrastructure accounts for over half of the recent improvement in economic growth in Africa and has the potential to achieve even more. A fund known […]

Guinée : Une immense richesse de ressources inexploitées !

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La Guinée Conakry est un pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest connu pour ses riches ressources minérales, notamment la bauxite, le minerai de fer et d'importants gisements d'or, d'uranium et de diamants. Le pays a une population d'environ 13 millions d'habitants, sa capitale est Conakry et il est bordé par le Sénégal, la Sierra Leone, la Côte d'Ivoire, la Guinée Bissau, le Libéria et le Mali. […]

Challenges abound in West Africa – but hope springs eternal

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By Amadou Barry – Counsel at Thiam & Associes – Guinea Conakry   The democratic progress of West African states achieved over the last decades is being undermined by disruptive events like military coups. Prior to the most recent military coup in the Republic of Guinea in September, the West African region experienced a military […]

Appetite for Innovative Funding in the Mining Industry

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The robust demand for most commodities and the uptick in prices, particularly for precious metals, has seen a number of minerals and metal producers flagging project expansion initiatives. SA Mining recently caught up with LEX Africa’s network of law firms in South Africa, Zambia and Guinea for insight into the different funding options available to […]

Guinea’s mines: digging up good news

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The Republic of Guinea is an unfolding example of how Africa’s vast resource potential can start to be realised. It has been described as “a geological scandal” thanks to its rich mineral deposits, yet the Republic of Guinea has been “a notorious case-study in governance and economic failure for more than half a century”, according […]

Les cabinets membres de LEX Africa obtiennent les meilleurs classements OHADA

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OHADA (or the “Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires”) is a system of harmonised business laws and implementing institutions adopted by sixteen West and Central African nations. Several of our members have recently been recognised by as the best OHADA law firms in Africa. These awards have also been endorsed by […]