The progress of internet connectivity in Africa

Mise à jour de l'Afrique

The boost in undersea cable capacity that is on the cards for Africa bodes well for the acceleration of internet availability and quality across the continent. Among other things, it promises to pave the way for a fintech and data centre boom across the continent and change the fortunes of the African countries that embrace the opportunities it provides. According to research firm […]

Les pratiques de règlement des différends progressent à travers le continent

mise au point pratique

Dispute resolution practices vary in many respects from one African country to another, although some significant similarities are apparent. The latter includes a predominance of preference for litigation in handling disputes, for various reasons, although arbitration is gaining increasing acceptance, while mediation is lagging behind. This was highlighted in the responses LEX Africa received from […]

Sauter le fusil, mordre la balle : Conséquences de la non-notification d'une fusion en Afrique

Afrique du Sud Finale 1

Article de Paul Coetser, directeur et responsable de la concurrence, et Sandiso Dhlomo, candidat avocat de Werksmans Attorneys, Afrique du Sud Il n'est plus surprenant que de nombreux pays africains, sinon la plupart, aient désormais des lois sur la concurrence. En outre, l'Afrique compte cinq espaces économiques régionaux régis par des règles de concurrence. Dans bon nombre de ces pays et zones régionales, […]

Exploiter la puissance des énergies renouvelables en Afrique

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A case of do or die for Africa to reduce its reliance on fossil fuel for generating electricity Africa is estimated to contribute less than 4% to the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. But global warming will have the most devastating effect on Africa and the livlihoods of its people if the world fails to […]

Fiscalité dans les pays africains

Mise à jour de la loi 8

The African Union is on a drive to make the continent economically self-sufficient and some observers believe fixing tax collection is a low-hanging fruit in this endeavour. Africa’s tax-to-GDP ratio is about 18%, while in the developed countries of the OECD it is 34%. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, the number is just 5.9%. Many […]

LEX Africa welcomes new Moroccan member to the Alliance

Law Update 7

It gives us great pleasure to welcome a new member to the Alliance for Morocco, Bennani & Associés. Bennani & Associes are ranked in all major legal directories for its expertise in corporate/commercial work, M&A and Dispute Resolution law. They are a leading firm in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia ad have an excellent reputation and […]