Congo – Provision of services in the oil sector

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According to Law No 28-2016 of 12 October 2016 on the Hydrocarbon Code, (‘the Hydrocarbon Code’), the contractor, i.e. the contracting party with the State, composed of one or more legal entities under a production sharing regime, including the national company, as well as any legal entity benefiting from a regular transfer of a participating […]

New member in Congo – Brazzaville

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It gives us great pleasure to advise that our existing member in the Democratic Republic of Congo, will now represent the Congo – Brazzaville region. Located in the heart of downtown Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo, Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, SARLU, is a law firm that provides investors and financiers, informed opinion […]

LEX Africa welcomes 3 new members to the Alliance

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It gives us great pleasure to welcome new members of the Alliance for Congo Brazzaville, Guinea Conakry and Swaziland. Congo Brazzaville – Cabinet Gomes Guinea Conakry – Thiam & Associés Swaziland –  Robinson Bertram Chairperson of LEX Africa, Pieter Steyn says “We are proud to have Cabinet Gomes, Thiam & Associés and Robinson Bertram as […]