The progress of internet connectivity in Africa

Atualização da África

The boost in undersea cable capacity that is on the cards for Africa bodes well for the acceleration of internet availability and quality across the continent. Among other things, it promises to pave the way for a fintech and data centre boom across the continent and change the fortunes of the African countries that embrace the opportunities it provides. According to research firm […]

The COMESA Competition Commission’s increasing emphasis on competition enforcement and conduct cases

Competição 1

Article by: Pieter Steyn – Chairperson of LEX Africa, Director Werksmans Attorneys, South Africa The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) covers 21 countries namely Burundi, the Comoros, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Sudan, Swaziland, Seychelles, Somalia, Tunisia Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The […]

As firmas-membro da LEX Africa alcançam as melhores classificações da OHADA

imagens de notícias 2019

OHADA (or the “Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires”) is a system of harmonised business laws and implementing institutions adopted by sixteen West and Central African nations. Several of our members have recently been recognised by as the best OHADA law firms in Africa. These awards have also been endorsed by […]

O efeito do Covid-19 e a resiliência empresarial

Saúde 2

Empresas em todo o mundo são e serão inevitavelmente afetadas a curto e médio prazo pela pandemia do coronavírus (Covid-19). Declínio nos preços das commodities devido à queda da demanda na China, restrições de viagens, quarentenas nas cidades e províncias, confinamento de pessoas por vontade própria ou à força em suas casas e a mobilidade reduzida do trabalho afetam o comércio de mercadorias […]

Can East Africa stir the DRC sleeping giant?

DR Congo 1

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s bid to join the East African Community has been put on hold due to postponement of an EAC Heads of State Summit from November 30 to an unspecified time in 2020. A declaration of interest in becoming a member of the EAC – by DRC’s President Felix Tshisekedi early in […]

New member in Congo – Brazzaville

Congo 1

It gives us great pleasure to advise that our existing member in the Democratic Republic of Congo, will now represent the Congo – Brazzaville region. Located in the heart of downtown Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo, Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates, SARLU, is a law firm that provides investors and financiers, informed opinion […]

Tax agreement between China and Republic of Congo

Congo News

The People’s Republic of China (“China”), like other countries such as France, Italy, Mauritius, has signed a Tax Agreement with the Republic of Congo (“the Congo”) to prevent double taxation and tax evasion between the two states (“the Tax Convention”) , as of September 05, 2018, on the sidelines of the China – Africa Summit. In recent years, China has deployed […]

Mining in Africa: Developments and outlook in 2018

Mining in Africa

At LEX Africa’s most recent seminar, members discussed challenges and changes seen in this progressive sector. Issues between communities and mining companies are not unique to Africa, particularly in instances where rural land is explored for natural resources. Chris Stevens, Head of Mining and Resources practice at Werksmans Attorneys — a LEX Africa member in […]

DRC: Mining – Legal Guarantee of Stability

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The DRC government amended the Mining Code, especially as regard Section 276 related to the Legal Guarantee of Stability. In view of the fact that the Legal Guarantee of Stability is the bedrock or cornerstone of the national mining policy, LEX Africa DRC member firm Chairman, Mr. Emery Mukendi Wafwana published an analysis on the […]

LEX Africa member admitted as Advocate to the DRC Supreme Court of Justice

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Emery Mukendi Wafwana was admitted to and registered with the Roll of Advocates of the Supreme Court of Justice. On this 22nd April 2016, he was sworn in at the Supreme Court of Justice. Counsel Emery Mukendi Wafwana’s admission to the Supreme Court enhances the firm’s ability to better represent clients in legal cassation proceedings as regards […]