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ESG in Private Equity: Investments that go beyond the financial impact

2018 03 14 Werksmens Conference JS 29 e1524045664898

Tanya van Lill, CEO of SAVCA, recently addressed LEX Africa’s seminar on PE firms managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment considerations. “South African fund managers, traditionally, are more comfortable and au fait with incorporating ‘impact investing’ and environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures into their deals because of the fact that Financial Development Institutions […]

Zimbabwe holds massive potential for private equity investors

2018 03 14 Werksmens Conference JS 37 e1524033628515

With the country’s new leadership, opportunities to upgrade infrastructure in the energy, mining and road transport sector have made Zimbabwe an attractive destination for investors. Decades-long political instability, sanctions and a failing economy have seen a massive decline in Zimbabwe’s international appeal. Even as global investors turned their attention to Africa in 2015 and 2016, […]

Zambia: Trade, transport and agriculture assisted through wide-ranging policy reforms

2018 03 14 Werksmens Conference JS 103 e1522848415688

Amendments to the Companies Act, the Energy Regulatory Act, Electricity Act and the Banking and Financial Services Act will bolster investments in Zambia. Amendments to the Companies Act, the Energy Regulatory Act and the Banking and Financial Services Act will strengthen Zambia’s investment regulatory framework and bolster investments in Zambia. LEX Africa’s Zambian member Sharon […]

Updates from Mozambique

NOTICE No.7/GBM/2017 OF 2 JUNE  Regarding the Minimum Capital for Credit Institutions, Financial Companies and Micro-Finance Operators, and repeals Notice no. 4/ GBM/2005 of 20 May. Following the need to update the minimum share capital required to the Banks, the Notice No. 4 / GGBM / 2005 of 20 May which lays down the Minimum […]

Ethiopia secures USD 280 million to improve local business sector

The World Bank and European Investment Bank have backed a lending and leasing programme aimed at assisting small business in Ethiopia. The World Bank and European Investment Bank (EIB) have backed a USD 280 million lending and leasing programme, which is aimed at assisting small business in Ethiopia. In a statement, EIB said the investment […]

Comfort Letters in the Mozambican Legal System

The development of trade has introduced a new atypical means of providing security currently widely used within the Mozambican legal system. Vasco Soares da Veiga defines the comfort letter as “simple solemn affirmation, undertaken by a certain company before a Bank, in which the subscriber of that letter introduces a certain client, normally an affiliate […]

China extends multi-billion dollar credit line in Nigerian agriculture deal

The loan is expected to equip farmers with vehicles and irrigation systems and graders. A few years ago, Nigeria was heavily reliant on importing rice from Thailand. In 2014, a shipment of 1.2 million tons of the food staple had been brought in. By 2015, Nigeria decreased its purchase order by 95 percent to 58,000 […]

Tanzania and the World Bank in strategic partnership to boost infrastructure and economy

The country’s public transport systems are expected to get a full overhaul as investors’ interest grows. The World Bank has agreed to a USD 2.4 billion concessional loan for Tanzania which will enable the East African country to address failing infrastructure in the country and turn it into a bustling trade hub. The organisation’s Group […]

Will Angola’s new public procurement laws help it recover financially?

If Angola’s recent downgrade to ‘B’ status by Fitch is anything to go by, the new public procurement law might be put through its paces sooner than expected. Among the changes are four portions of law which have been eliminated and at least one new inclusion all aimed at cutting the drag. Tatiana Serrão, senior […]

Economy update from Angola

Presidential Decree 40/16, of 24 February – approves the General Terms of the Strategy against the Crises Deriving from the Fall in the Oil Price in the International Market, consisting of measures to be implemented by the State, among which the following may be noted: 1. Private investment and increase of domestic production  The State is compromised […]


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