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It’s time to put on your headphones and turn up the volume. Here’s your chance to attend or revisit LEX Africa webinars. Our lawyers from across Africa and invited guests speak to topics of current interest and various practices of law. Click on the webinar image to view the video.

Unpacking potential liability and costs of doing business in Africa arising from e-waste

26 July 2023

Join LEX Africa members from South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and Egypt as they unpack potential liability and costs of doing business in Africa arising from e-waste. A very topical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issue on the continent. Leverage the expert knowledge on this topic across all regions of Africa as we discuss:

  1. Key ESG issues arising in Africa
  2. Key risks to each of the entities
  3. Potential supply-chain liability, penalties and fines for the entities in Africa
  4. Ultimate shareholder liability
  5. Cross-jurisdictional issues e.g. double jeopardy
  6. Shareholder activism (if any) in Africa

New trends in Mining across Africa

29 March 2023

Join LEX Africa members from South Africa, Mali, DRC, Ghana, Zambia and Tanzania as they discuss the latest trends in Mining within their respective countries.


  1. ESG and sustainability
  2. Minerals of the future
  3. Mineral beneficiation
  4. Protection of water resources

We will also discuss investment opportunities and address some of the challenges within the mining industries in Africa.

Investing in Africa – Post-Covid Tax Considerations

25 August 2021

As Africa recovers from COVID-19, the tax landscape may shift as governments and companies move into a recovery phase.
LEX Africa and the South Africa-Nigeria Business Chamber invite you to join our webinar as our experts talk about:

Speakers: Dev Erriah, Dianna Games, Kunle Olatunji, Ivy Osiobe, Nazima Malik

Deal or no deal? How does this decision impact African trade…

03 November 2020

Brexit is certain to have a significant effect on Africa especially in the scenario of a “no deal“ Brexit. Risks and opportunities exist but need to be fully understood. Unfortunately the current uncertainty makes planning difficult. However with the 31 December 2020 deadline date looming, important decisions will have to be made.

Speakers: Pieter Steyn, Joseph Ng’ang’ira, Uchenna Okechukwu, Dr John Mare, Trudi Hartzenberg, Leon Ayo

Developments in African Arbitration law

10 September 2020

This webinar will focus on regional initiatives, including those in the SADC region and in Kenya, as well as developments in relation to the enforcement of international arbitration awards. Our members from Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, South Africa and Zambia will contribute to the discussion.

Speakers: Des WIlliams, Dev Erriah, Peter Gachuhi, Shabir Latif, Sydney Chisenga, Stanley Nyamanhindi, Michael Dedon

A global pandemic – Is your business safeguarded against emerging…

04 June 2020

In this panel discussion, we address the emerging legal and policy challenges brought about by the use of data and the increased adoption of technologies like Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, ArtificiaI Intelligence and the Internet of Things, which affects many industries.

Speakers: Alice Namuli Blazevic, Danielle Moukouri Djengue, FAyaz Bhojani, Natalie Scott, Nellie Tiyago-Jinjika


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